Night visit

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Year of production: 2012

Written and directed by: Piotr Chrzan

Cast: Jarosław Gajewski, Łucja Żarnecka, Mateusz Rusin

During a cold winter night, a young man rings a doorbell of a countryside doctor's house and delivers a message from his mother asking the doctor to attend to her husband who's been feeling unwell. When the doctor arrives, he realizes that it is not the whole truth. A film about loss and trying to cope with grief over the death of a loved one.

Awards and main festival nominations:
2013 - Award of Polish Independent Cinema for the best script
2013 - Award of Polish Independent Cinema for the best actor - Jarosław Gajewski
2013 - Winelands International Film Festival, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa, Grand Prix nomination
2012 - Zielona Góra (International Authour Film Festival "Quest Europe") special mention
2012 - Przemyśl (Independent Film Festival CK OFF) Jury Prize
2012 - Nowa Sól (Solanin Film Festival) Special mention
2012 - Gorzów Wielkopolski Film Festival Main Prize
2012 - Festival Grand Off, Grand Prix nomination
2012 - Film Festival "Opolskie Lamy", Grand Prix nomination
2012 - Gdynia Film Festival, Grand Prix nomination in section Independent cinema
2012 - Festival "Złote Mrówkojady", Grand Prix nomination
2013 - released in Kino Polska TV channel