Toreador's Last Song

Year of production: 2014

Written and directed by: Piotr Chrzan

Producer: Aleksandra Zakrzewska

Cast: Katarzyna Misiewicz-Żurek, Hanka Brulińska, Marek

An elegant woman appears in modern apartment looking for her husband whose betrayal she discovered recently. The girl that opens the door turns out to be a prostitute. The professor wants to stay and wait for her husband, a prostitute, although she protests at the beginning, finally gives up. During the hour spent together, betrayed wife finds out how easy is to flatter her husband's vanity and prepares a surprise for him. Film tells about betrayal and complicated relationships in modern world.

Awards and main festival nominations:
2014 - Łagów Film Festival - Bronze Grape in Short Films Competition
2014 - Barossa Film Festival, Australia, Grand Prix nomination
2014 - Radom Film Festival, Grand Prix nomination
2014 - Koszalin Film Festival, Grand Prix nomination
2015 - released in Ale Kino+ TV channel