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Year of production: 2015

Written and directed by: Piotr Chrzan

Cast: Lesław Żurek, Dorota Kuduk, Kamil Przystał, Szymon

"Klezmer" is a realistic and metaphoric story about a journey through wartime Land of Evil. It is set during World War II in the Polish countryside, although away from the frontlines. It seems that nothing has changed there and life goes on just like before the war. However, people carry the war in their hearts and souls...

It is a sunny summer day in 1943. Poland is under German occupation. A group of young people, inhabitants of a nearby village, goes to the forest to gather fir cones and brushwood to use as firewood. They talk, flirt and make plans for the future. However these outing results in unforeseen repercussions - as a consequence of a certain event they have to deal with a situation that is new to them and which has an impact on their lives and the lives of other people who appear as the story develops.

Festivals and awards
2015 Venice Film Festival - competitive section Giornate degli Autori
2015 Warsaw Film Festival - competitive section first and second features 
2015 International Film Festival of India, Goa - section First Cut
2015 Warsaw Jewish Film Festival - Grand Prix, best script award, best actress award, best sound and music award

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